Lunes, Pebrero 11, 2013

It's been a while since I posted about some of my shots, so to make up for it, let me share with you this pic.

..while I am more fond of sunrises than sunsets for some reason, I have also managed to capture some beautiful scenes of dusk.. (i love sunsets, too.. :} ..) and i'm totally blessed because manila is filled with sunsets--sometimes clear, sometimes smoky, nevertheless---SUNSET!!! :) (I will often stop and take photos if anything catches my fancy.) this photo,  i was on a pedestrian overpass one super late afternoon, crossing to the other side of the road, when I noticed that the sun was setting behind the cityscape..i wanted to freeze that moment so i can look at it over and over, and blessing..i had my camera-phone with me.. It's a sunset photo to date.. :) 

..i then i realized i was travelling alone (to Sucat)..that wasn't a very safe place for ladies travelling alone and  the gods were worried about me--[well i didn't know that (ignorance excuses no one, though :p ), but i wasn't afraid or something--this scene had deeply captivated and entertained me].. i was even smiling alone and people i passed by smiled back at me thinking i was smiling at them.. :) that was reaallyy beautiful looking at smiling people <3

..i thanked the Lord for painting sunsets and putting smiles on people's faces.. :} :} :} ..

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